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Apple today released the new operating system for the iPhone, and iPod Touch, dubbed iOS. It was about 378MB I think to download. It took just under an hour on my home Sprint Internet connection. That wasn’t bad at all considering it is a cellular network and that millions of other Apple customers were downloading it too. Apple released the download at 1300 EDT and I started my download at 1400 EDT.

Once it was downloaded iTunes installed the iOS on my iPhone 3GS that I got last summer. There were no glitches, hiccups or slowdowns during the installation at all. It went perfectly smoothly and now I have the new iOS.

The biggest features that are immediately noticeable are the background wallpaper on the home screen, multitasking, the feel of the new iOS and folders for apps. The menus and opening and closing look of the apps are different. It’s hard to describe but it’s neat. I will certainly be watching my battery life closely due to the new multitasking ability and having apps run in the background.

To many people multitasking was a huge complaint from iPhone customers through the years. Apple didn’t have it and the Google Droid based phones did. To me I didn’t care that much about it because really, how many apps do you really need to run at the same time on a phone (or iPod)? My big concern about it was battery life. Apple says they did a great job in getting multitasking to work and preserve battery life; we shall see.

I thought about getting the new iPhone 4 as I am eligible for the AT&T discounted price. But I think I will skip this release and wait until next years release of the iPhone 5 (or whatever it will be called). I was an original iPhone “classic” owner about 7 months after the original release of the device. I skipped the 3G release because all they added was the 3G capability and GPS to the phone. Both of which I didn’t care much for, especially since I don’t have 3G service at my home and that I am almost always on Wi-Fi.

When they released the 3GS it had all the features of the previous models plus they increased the processor speed and doubled the system memory. Both of which made a big difference in performance over the classic iPhone. I’ve been very happy with my iPhone’s and especially the 3GS. I have no doubt that I will like the iPhone 4 too.

But I think I will stick with the 3GS for another year and continue to follow my upgrade pattern of every other year.

It’s been 7 hours since I upgraded and I haven’t seen any performance issues or slowdowns with the new iOS and that is a good thing. I think that if iOS would have bogged the 3GS down considerably that I may have upgraded to the iPhone 4. But so far that isn’t the case.

Security Now

Security Now is a podcast that I enjoy listening to and even watching. It is a podcast on computer and technology related security. I have learned a lot from Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte on the subject. I recommend that everyone who can subscribe to the podcast do so. It is good for the really advanced user and even good for the average user as well. They break things down to where anyone can understand the subject matter.

Go to the iTunes Store and search for Security Now. They have several versions of the podcast including large and small video and audio. you can also go to to get more information on Steve and his work.


As I mentioned in my initial post, I had a Facebook account last year and then deleted it not long after creating it and I’ll tell you why.

Over 400 million people are said to have accounts on Facebook. That’s cool with me if that is their thing; more power to them. I on the other hand do not want one or anything like it again. It requires you sign up and provide personal information to share with others. Granted I can use very little information and maybe even use a pseudonym, but why bother. Part of the annoyance was “information overload”. Just having 40-50 “friends” constantly updating every second of their life with minute detail was aggravating. I don’t care that you’re in line at the store and someone in front of you is taking their sweet time. Yes it’s annoying, but you telling the world about it is also annoying. I feel better getting to know my real friends’ life updates by speaking to them in person and getting the highlights; not every detail.

Facebook games and invitations. These also really annoyed me. People constantly playing games and their game status being part of the news briefing you get, and then they try to recruit you into their games. The same thing goes for fan pages and causes and blah blah blah. I DON’T CARE! Leave me alone with all this crap!

Then there is all the gossip that goes on. That bothers me too. Facebook is just an easy means to gossip and brag and encourage others to do the same. It didn’t take me long to get fed up with it and I quit it.

When someone asks me if I have a Facebook, I proudly proclaim “No I don’t.” With the enthusiasm I exude in the statement, most people stop right there and don’t ask any further questions regarding the matter.

If someone wants to get to know me or see my pictures, they can come talk to me in person and I will decide what level of access to grant them into my personal life.

Thank you very much!

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