New Book: ‘Preaching to Patronizing’

I’m very excited to announce my new, and very first book, now available on the Amazon Kindle called ‘Preaching to Patronizing, How Religion Made Me Lose My Faith‘.

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The book is about my journey through the trials and tribulations of religion from Catholicism to Baptist and the eventual exodus from religion itself. I carry the reader through from childhood going to Catholic church to a period of not practicing Catholicism while on active duty in the US Marines to coming back home to be evangelized by friends and converted to being a Baptist.

From there I chronicle my life’s ups and downs as the religion affected not only me, but those around me in my personal and professional life. The book demonstrates what a religion can do to a person’s way of life and thinking from moral, to political views in our contemporary society.

After 13 years in the Baptist religion I was able to free myself from the shackles and bondage of religion in general and have embraced a non-spiritual, atheist view of the world based on evidence, facts and science which is the logical way for me to look at life.

The happiness I’ve experienced in breaking free of the narrow-minded religion knows no bounds. Relationships in my life have improved both with family and professional contacts and overall well-being is greatly improved since I no longer carry a bitter and judgmental view of the world with me everyplace I go.

I think the book will be interesting to people who either have broken free from a religion or who may have doubts about their situation and may be willing to break free themselves. It could also be for people who may not think they want to leave their religion but are curious about other people’s experiences.

Regardless of ones’ opinions on the matter I think just about anyone would be interested in reading about the life of someone who has been both in and out of religion and how it changed them.

Look for the paperback version to be available in the near future!

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