Modern Technology

I’ll use this category to talk about my interests and observations of technology, the industry and what other people talk about when it comes to technology.

I am an iPhone owner, Macintosh, and Windows user, and I do have formal training and a college degree in computers, specifically Microsoft Windows computers and networking systems. So I can comment on both sides of the “cultural war”. I’ve been a Windows user all of my “computer life” and only got into Macintosh in 2006.

Linux users are a bit outside of the realm of normal computer users and I’ve messed around with several different distro’s of Linux over the years but Linux never stuck with me

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This years marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone by Apple. I’ve owned the iPhone ever since beginning with the original one. Then I had the 3GS, 4S, 5S and 6S. Before the iPhone and the advent of smartphones I had 3 different Nextel phones. I don’t recall the model name of my very first…

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Short attention spans seem to prevail with me at times. The constant desire to see what’s new every few minutes becomes aggravating and I seem to be unable to break that cycle. What I am talking about is probably something many people experience each day with all of our technology and mobile devices connected to…

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