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The Sons of Harpy

Son-of-the-HarpyWarning: Spoiler Alert!This episode was really the first time we see Queen Margaery get upset and start taking a leadership role. Obviously King Tommen isn’t like his brother Joffrey in that he can’t make a decision, good or bad. He seems to abhor violence and wants a more diplomatic solution if he can find one. If not, to momma he runs for help. But in this case, momma Cersei isn’t going to help because she wants Loras in prison. So the throw down between Cersei and Margaery is finally coming to a head. Plus Margaery is going to see her grandmother for help, whom she now knows can get things done after learning she helped kill Joffrey. I’m very interested in this storyline of the show. I like Margaery and because of that, I fear Cersei will find a way to have her killed, always remembering the prophecy of the witch when she was a child. Those Sparrows are quite the ruthless bunch and have a zeal not unlike that of some religious fanatics. “If you don’t do things our way, we will kill you.” No arrests, no judge, no jury, just straight to execution – for the most part. I can see Cersei’s new little army backfiring on her down the road. These guys are so devout and will take anyone out and they might even take out Cersei and Jamie for their incest once he gets back to town from his trip to save his niece. Then there is Littlefinger and Sansa again. He gives her another smooch on the mouth as he departs and leaves her there by herself. I can’t say I blame him there, Sansa is looking mighty fine this season as she gets a little older and has dyed her hair darker.
 I guess I have to say that I was a little surprised at Ser Barristan’s death. I figured that he would live through that battle and save Grey Worm who was about to be overpowered despite his awesome and valiant effort in the fight. But he went down like a man getting hit several times before succumbing to his wounds. In the promo for next weeks episode, did you see the look on Tyrion’s face as they approach Mereen and he sees a giant dragon flying and spitting fire? That was probably the first and only time we’ll ever see him have a genuine state of surprise. Nothing seems to surprise him and always meets those types of things with jokes and sarcasm. But this time his jaw hit the deck of the boat! Next weeks episode preview: weeks0-1days0-2hours0-2minutes-1-6seconds0-1

Binge Watching GoT

game-of-thrones-logoFriends have been prompting me for a long time to watch Game of Thrones, an HBO series, which began in 2011. I resisted watching it for so long because I was mostly busy watching too many other shows I enjoy. Finally, about a month ago I ordered HBO on my DirecTV package to see a specific documentary that was airing called, “Going Clear”. If you haven’t seen it, you should. Enough about that, this post is about Game of Thrones.

After the documentary, I decided to turn on GoT and give it a whirl. It took me about a week to get through the first half of season 1. At first I found those episodes rather boring, but they really needed to give a lot of background and detail so that the viewers would be able to get to know the characters and see where they were headed. The second half of the season picked up nicely with plenty of action and with encouragement from a friend I continued on. The following seasons got better and better and I was hooked.

It took me about another week and a half to binge watch up to the current episodes of season 5. By that time two episodes of season 5 had already aired on HBO, “The Wars to Come” and “The House of Black and White”. I had binge watched everything on the Apple TV with the HBO Go app.

I’ve been having awesome email conversations with one of my friends about the series and each episode where we talk about what happened and what we think will happen next. It’s due to those emails that I decided to write about GoT on my website, just like many thousands of others do!

I purchased the book set of GoT for the Kindle app on iPad called A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.

I’m a bit of a slow reader so it will probably take me many years to finish reading them. But before I start on them, I need to finish a few books that are in line ahead of them. From what I understand the HBO series is now departing from the storyline of the books and they are making up their own direction.

Be warned that my posts will probably contain spoliers, so if you haven’t seen an episode, be careful of what you read.