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Who Called Me?

I am very thankful for Apple’s feature for the iPhone where we can ‘Block Caller’ from calling us. My blocked list is growing ever larger all the time.

Do Not CallDespite being signed up for the government’s Do Not Call List, I still get plenty of unsolicited calls. I always screen my calls, thanks to caller ID, and if I don’t recognize the number or area code, I let the voice mail pick up.


I always Google search the numbers if no voice mail is left to see what it could be. is a good resource to see real people’s comments on unknown phone numbers.

Below is a list of the numbers I have blocked so far and will try to keep it updated.

This post will be open to comments, so long as spammers don’t flood it.

Student Loan Solicitors

  • 929-249-2850
  • 559-500-2134
  • 727-350-9891
  • 702-359-5643
  • 512-213-0179
  • 415-275-6518
  • 415-275-6534
  • 929-229-4593
  • 469-214-4006
  • 608-319-1127
  • 415-275-8436
  • 949-326-9198
  • 929-227-6749
  • 206-745-4202
  • 713-568-6776
  • 925-231-9727
  • 646-741-2860
  • 855-479-6992
  • 917-456-3526
  • 321-430-4970

Save money on credit cards or credit card related:

  • 310-587-2046
  • 209-825-5946

California Foreclosure Info

  • 407-389-3232

Republican Party

  • 202-765-0853

IRS Scammers

  • 917-201-7054

Claims to be a Verizon Payment Center (Funny how I’m not a VZW customer)

  • 313-236-9873
  • 313-910-5940

TV Telemarketers

  • 877-423-3931
  • 307-217-4199
  • 305-587-2062
  • 262-995-9112

Claims to be Google

  • 810-620-1930
  • 386-213-8701
  • 330-222-6324
  • 661-249-4353
  • 717-347-2702

You Won A Cruise!

  • 313-570-3344

Your Online Listing Has Been Claimed

  • 757-296-9813

Business Loans

  • 610-268-9506

Claims to be DirecTV (Might be legit)

  • 800-401-1691


  • 914-946-8960
  • 786-204-4348
  • 734-256-7523
  • 773-362-6220
  • 646-766-1343
  • 510-694-0117
  • 872-221-6879
  • 770-629-8287
  • 619-202-9446
  • 305-363-6858
  • 801-407-4158
  • 212-306-3333
  • 404-236-5326

A New Year With @YNAB and @Betterment (Personal Finance)

YNABI don’t do New Year’s Resolutions and never have. I’m not about to start now either. However, last year, starting in the last quarter of the year I began using YNAB (You Need A Budget) to assist me in managing my personal finances. I had actually bought the software from the MAS (Mac App Store) sometime in 2013 I think but never actually used it.

I’ve used Microsoft Money in the past, a long time past, and have used as well. Both were alright for tracking what I was doing, but with my new insights, they’re reactive applications, in that, they don’t help you look forward and plan. YNAB on the other hand helps you take what money you have right now and make a plan for it’s future use.

I’m a planner; the US Marine Corps taught me that. I try to make a plan for everything that I do, from big tasks to menial ones. Finances had been one area where I didn’t do a lot of planning and more or less just winged it as I went along. It’s past time for me to change those ways as now my student loans are at the point where I have to start paying them back and I didn’t plan appropriately for it.

Since I finally began using YNAB in mid-October 2014, I’ve been able to drastically reduce my frivolous spending and cancel unnecessary subscriptions to various things and prioritize my funds much more appropriately. I was even able to scrounge up much more cash for Christmas gifts than in years past too.

Aside from the student loans, I don’t have much debt, just one credit card with a balance of about $1,300, which I now have a plan, with YNAB and some additional annual income, to pay off by the end of this month. Then I’ll have two credit cards with a zero balance and a budget to pay them off immediately when I do use them for purchases, thus no more carrying a balance ever again and paying interest.

YNAB is awesome and has a fantastic support system for help and learning. They have, free, webinar’s to help you get started using the software, advanced management techniques and credit card debt management within the software among other things. Plus, you can view the non-live webinars on their site at any time. I took all of their courses, and a couple of them more than once to be sure I understood. Then they have an active Internet forum where you can join and post questions and get help from staff members and regular users alike.

YNAB also has a podcast of a few minutes long each week and they will send you helpful and encouraging emails occasionally, if you sign up for them. YNAB isn’t just software, it’s a giant financial support and encouragement system. In three months, I’ve already found ways to save my money and put it to better use and live happier.

BettermentYesterday I saw a retweet from a YNAB user on YNAB’s account about a financial investment company called Betterment. I hadn’t heard of them before and decided to check them out. I spent a few hours reading everything on their site and was impressed. I decided to sign up and begin investing with them and have sent in my first deposit this morning. I figure with all the money I am beginning to save using YNAB, I can afford to start investing in stocks and bonds and, hopefully, get a nice return over time and help pay down my student loan debt.

Motor City Comic Con 2014 + R2D2 (Remote Controlled)

I visited the Motor City Comic Con today.

It was an interesting event. There were lots of people there, many dressed up in their favorite characters from all sorts of shows. There were a lot of booths, well, they were all booths, set up. Probably half had original artwork, prints, sketches and such of all sorts of stuff, mostly comic book and movie characters.

Then there were booths with comic books, which I wasn’t interested in. There were also booths with collectables and such. Then there were booths where TV/movie personalities were at. Most of them I hadn’t heard of. William Shatner had a booth, but he wasn’t there until 5:30 I think, which I was already home by then, so I missed him. No big deal because I have no doubt that when he got there the crowd would be huge! In fact, at 3:00pm there were people already camped out in line to see him! Autographs were $75.

But I did pick up a couple of really cool art prints by a Japanese lady, a sign that says Welcome to Vulcan and an Ironman tin poster as a gift for one of the ladies at work who wished she could have gone.

Shiki Print
Shiki Print
Wagahai Print
Wagahai Print

Here are links the the artist who made these prints I purchased if anyone is interested.

Also there was a guy who had a full-sized, functional, remote controlled R2D2. It wasn’t a cheap thrown together thing either. It looked really good and moved very well. I took a short video of it too.